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  • CAS No - 73590-85-9
  • Formula - C17H19N3O2S
  • Molecular Weight - 329.4167


  • 5-Methoxy-2-(4-Methoxy-3,5-Dimethyl-2-Pyridinyl) Methyl Thio-1h-Benzimidazole
  • 5-Methoxy-2-(4-Methoxy-3,5-Dimethyl-2-Pyridinyl)Methylmercaptobenzimidazole
  • 5-Methoxy-2-{[(3,5-Dimethyl-4-Methoxy Pyridinyl)-Methy]-1H-Benzimidazole
  • 2-[(4-Methoxyethoxy-3,5-Dimethyl-2-pyridinyl)-Methylthio}-5-Methoxybenzimidazole
  • Omeprazole Sulphide Compound


  • Intermediates for Omeprazole.